06 juni 2006

Ljusbacken 4 - verksamhet

Naturligtvis behövdes det en hel del pengar för att kunna renovera husen. Den största delen kom in via hyror av de som hyrde lägenheter. Det täckte de fasta utgifterna som försäkringar, sotning, sophämtning osv.
Men ville vi ha in pengar utöver det för att renovera måste vi hitta på andra aktiviteter.

Vi ordnade fester i ladan. Ladan är speciell. Den är byggd på ett roligt sätt och där kan man ha teater, musikband och andra arrangemang. Den hyrs fortfarande av en annan förening som heter Labyrinten, som hyrt där sedan åttiotalet. De ingick liksom i köpet och skulle bli en bra samarbetsparter. Trodde jag. I alla fall i början gick det bra.

Vi hade PRO-föreläsning, sommarcafé, Lucia-kvällar och pianokonserter.
Ett tag funderade vi på att sälja en del av det vi odlade i växthuset. Eller göra saft på alla vinbär och sälja men det blev aldrig av.

Växthuset. Bortre delen var när bilden togs under renovering och är väl fortfarande förresten ...

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Anonymous Anneli sade ...

Hej, Samuel presenterade dig för mig.
Vilket vackert växthus!
Vilka är det som driver verksamheten du beskriver?

07 juni, 2006 18:18  
Blogger Helene N sade ...

Vilka som driver den idag vet jag faktiskt inte. Själva ladan är det nog fortfarande föreningen Labyrinten som hyr. De har musikstudio och spelar in lite skivor då och då. Har någon skivsläpparfest eller festivalfest eller så.
Jag har ingen kontakt med dem längre.

07 juni, 2006 19:19  
Blogger Qi sade ...

helena, jag läser det du skriver och anar vad som kommer... Känner igen mönstret från mig själv: Alla planer, allt arbete, all vilja som tar på krafterna men man känner inget för det är så roligt tills något oförutsett händer som tar ner en totalt och man upptäcker när man försöker resa sig att all energi är slut.

08 juni, 2006 11:05  
Blogger Martin sade ...


I remember how Brian Porter asked me, "you can nail?"

He asked the question in early 1977 or in Oktober 1979, which is more likely. Brian had travelled from Australia to Bombay, to Rajneesh's Meditation camp, and met there Björn, of Delsbo. They became friends and travelled together to Sweden, which was to become Brian's home, at Ljusbacken.

Björn was a school-teacher in Ljusdal then, and used to drive his small van-type car with a Sanskrit "OM" on the side of it to work and back.

Also living in Ljusbacken was Mia Ackerblom. She lived in Röda Huset, on groundfloor, with her doors to the dining room, where in winter we had Gamla Dans workshops. Mia had Anna and Linnea with her, her young daughters.

From Anna I once learned a Swedish phrase, down in th ekitchen of Röda Huset, "det ska blit sa skokt som gräde!" I hope it's written halfway correct. Anna helped me learn the pronunciation, which was quite difficult for me at the time.

But after four months, I had learned a little of bit of Swedish, and one day, after I said something in Swedish to Mia, she said, "Va fint Svenska Du prater!" I was all smiles :-)

Brian in those days was living in the attic of Vita Huset, with a window towards the south, i.e., towords the road (the road that come from Delsbo and goes through the forest in the direction of the sauna. There was only one one road passing Ljusbacken at the time).

The reason I am writing you tonight is simple. In the air was the smell of a wood fire.
Every single year since 1977, January to April, when I stayed in Ljusbacken, whenever I smelled a wood fire, one used used for heating, I thought of Ljusbacken.

You have changed my life for ever, and for good. That wood fire smell will remain mine for the rest of this lifetime, and maybe longer. It reminds me of you.

When I arrived in January 1977, I wanted to cook down in the kitchen of Röda Huset. I didn't know how to start a fire in the stove. There were two wood-burning stoves side-by-side in that large kitchen.

I crumpled up some newspaper and stuck it in the fire box. On top of the paper, I put in some pieces of björk or whatever, quite big, the size you split from a tree section, the diameter of your fore-arm. I was very surprised and puzzled that this did not result in a nice cooking fire. I had to be taught to make a fire. I learned.

At Ljusbacken, I learned many, many things. I learned about spiritual things for the first time in my life. Up to then, it was all physical, material, and so on. I didn't transform instantly, but a process started rolling, that brought fruit years later.

I learned about nutrition. That one should not eat white flour, refined sugar, and products and food containing these. This I was able to accept quickly. It saved my teeth. I am now 52 years old, and still have my own teeth, except for one artificial tooth due to poor tooth brushing in the past.

Being exposed to this (to me, new) information at Ljusbacken helped me assimilate the correct data and put in some new habits and customs, some that improve survival. I feel very grateful for that, grateful to you. I hope you are still sticking to these things and teaching people these correct ways.

I don't know how many, many times over all these years I have thought of writing you and saying hello. You have absolutely no idea HOW MUCH Ljusbacken has changed my life, my thinking, my ways, my habits, has changed the actual course and direction of my life. I received or found an orientation, through finding some data, some information that was new and made sense, and finding peole who living and practising these "data". Not always successfully, but living them just the same.

I still have here a smör kniv I made from a piece of fire wood, björk. I will show it to you some time on an email photo. I made the knife at Ljusbacken, along with spoons and a few small eating bowls. Per was living at Ljusbacken then, Per Olof (I don't remember his family name), and he was my model on the subject of wood-carving. He was good at that!

And Pamela was living here then, the wife of Johann. They split later, and Pamela (US) married Peter, and they had a daughter, Shanti. I'm sure Björn remembers all this history.

I would like to know if Mia is still alive, and still living at Ljusbacken, in Röda Huset.

We had winter guests, for example Anna, who had a dog that sometimes ran away. Anna would stand at the road, looking for the dog and calling, "Fifan, jävla hund, jävel!!"
So I learned some new Swedish...
:-) :-)

I have many, many memories of life and situations at Ljusbacken. I came twice. The second time, Brian wanted to renovate the greenhouses. There was a lot to do. Wood had to be repaired. This was when he asked me,

"you can nail?"

Looking from Vita Huset past Röda Huset, there was a barn, with a horse stable. To the left of that, if I remember rightly, there was a workshop. Entering the front door, on the left-hand side wall, I hung up a sort of cabinet or shelf with about twenty small drawers, all of it made of wood, partly from old furniture. The frontpieces of the small drawers I painted in two bright colors, in the pattern of a chess board. I put knobs on these front pieces, the knobs were sawed-off sections of a thicker round wood, like a thick broom handle.

I made this piece of workshop furniture to hold parts and screws and things, since the workshop needed places for things. Memories of years past.

Years later, I once had a dream. It played in Marokko or some such place. I can still see the scene. I was at a market with huts, covered with dark cloth.

There was a man there, one I had never before seen, never ever. But it was Brian, Brian Porter. With a different body...

I said, "Brian?"

He said, "Yes, it's me!"

We talked a little. I was so startled by this dream that I managed to get his phone number, undoubtedly from someone who answered the phone at "1 6 4 6 6" (I willnever forget this mumber), and called him up.

He was living in Stockholm then, married, had a son or two children, and was very surprised to hear about the dream I'd had ("far out!"), and it was great to hear his voice.

I great you all, present caretakers of Ljusbacken,
and wish you the very best present and future, and perhaps we will be in touch.

Good night from Huerth, just south of Cologne, Germany,




12 juni, 2008 23:56  
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*Full Name:_________



*loan amount:_________

*Loan duration:_________


*Purpose of loan:_________

*Monthly Income:__________


*Next of kin:_________

*Email :_________

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